5 Essentials To Protect Your Vehicle In Winter

Driving in a blanket of snow seems to be a romantic plot in the movies, where nature offers beauty and at the same time is full of crises. With simple ways to get your car fully prepared for winter, no inclement weather is too much to fear.  Please accept Navifalcon's warm winter tips.


1. Install Custom-fit Floor Mats

It's best to protect your assets with CUSTOM car mats, which are especially effective in winter. Standard car mats are not enough in winter, they cover a small area, slide around on the car floor and do not perfectly withstand snow and mud soaking. Wet conditions are not only uncomfortable, but breed bacteria that affect your health. Use custom car mats that precisely match your car to provide premium coverage and protection.

Navifalcon's custom car mats are amazing, widely acclaimed by our customers and will be a great companion for your vehicle.


2. Test Battery Function

Batteries wear out over time, test your battery and bring a spare if needed. As the temperature drops, so does the battery power.


3. Check Tires, Wipers, Heaters, gas tank

Check your car tires to make sure they are not damaged. It is safer to switch to winter tires and keep them inflated. Tires with low air pressure are unlikely to have enough power to get out of a thick snowbank, so don't wait until you're in a bad situation to regret it. Then switch to winter wipers and check that your heater is working properly. Keep your gas tank at least half full to avoid gas line freeze. Taking these steps can greatly reduce your vehicle's risk in winter driving.


4. Anti-rust Preparation: Chassis, Door locks

It's also critical to be prepared for rust. If rain or snow makes your locks rust, you'll need to expend some effort to unlock them. Remember to add some lubricant to your car's locks. The car's undercarriage is more likely to come into contact with snow on the ground, which can easily rust. So you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary trouble by preparing for rust in advance.


5. Stock Up On Food And Survival Kits

No one should forget to have some emergency food, water and survival kits in the car. Small LED flashlights, cell phone charging cables, compressed food, even blankets, amplifiers, anything you can think of to bring.

These preparations should not be taken lightly, especially if you need to drive long distances. If you would like to get more up-to-date news on Navifalcon custom car mats, please subscribe to our store. Thank you.


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