Which floor mat is better rubber or leather?

Today's topic is only some brief analysis of car floor mats in terms of material - leather and rubber. The car and the time spent inside it can be an important part of life for some people, and the interior of the car directly affects your mood. If you also have questions about buying right car mats, I hope this article can give you a little inspiration.

You may have these questions.

What is the point of car mats?

Are leather car mats durable?

How long do car floor mats last?

As a service provider of car floor mats, we know very well the significance of floor mats. Car floor mats, are designed to protect the interior of the car from damage, from acids, liquids, stains, etc. At the same time it makes the interior of the car stay neat, coordinated and comfortable, easy to take care of and clean.

So for some friends who have some difficulty in choosing, is it better to have leather floor mats or rubber floor mats?

We first make the following comparisons.



Most rubber car floor mats are designed to be universal and can usually be trimmed to fit. This allows them to be used in most cars, but can be problematic on some specific models. There are now also manufacturers producing custom rubber car mats to cater to the growing trend of customization services in the market.

Many leather car mats have the option to be customized and scanned using a 3D imaging instrument to obtain the most accurate customization data. These floor mats ensures a better fit with the car and that the car's throttle and brakes are not affected for safety.


This is a time honored accident, the main cause of which lies in the vehicle itself, but enough to show that unsuitable car mats can also pose a safety hazard to drivers. So if you have enough budget, custom floor mats would be a better choice, whether you choose leather or rubber ones.


Material Features

Rubber is hard, waterproof & sludge-proof with excellent performance; its surface has deep grooves to prevent liquid spillage; due to its tough material, it is also very effective against heel stepping. However, rubber floor mats inevitably have a certain smell, which is difficult to remove. Special attention needs to be paid to some mats with unacceptable taste, they may have added illegal chemicals in the production process.

The most prominent feature of leather floor mats is their luxurious texture, and therefore the choice of most owners of sports cars or relatively expensive cars. Choosing the right leather car floor mats helps to add coordination and comfort to the interior of the car. Compared to rubber, leather is soft and relatively comfortable to step on, but slightly less waterproof than rubber.



The cost of rubber material is low, you can get a relatively good floor mat for $50. There is a loyal base of rubber product users.

Leather car floor mats are more expensive, usually $100-$200 or more. You get what you pay for, starting with your budget. But rubber mats are better than choosing a cheaper leather mat for the same price.


Service life

A good quality rubber car floor mat can last for several years. However, very poor quality mats may crack and get damaged after a period of use.

Leather foot mats are not as strong as rubber, but are relatively more expensive & good quality car mats can also last 2-3 years. The daily use and maintenance of the car mats will also directly affect the life of the mats.

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