High quality is the mission as always


Navifalcon was one of the first manufacturers to research and produce car floor mats. We have the most advanced technology to support the customisation of 95% of the car mats on the market.

Navifalcon insists on good quality to bring long-lasting benefits, so we are very strict in the selection of raw materials, combining years of testing and a lot of customer experience to get this amazing mats, as well as excellence in the design process.

Navifalcon floor mat has a silky smooth surface, a delicate touch and a luxuriously elegant appearance. It is the outstanding leader in car mats that have stood the test of time.


Do small things, to do things carefully


For more than ten years we have been doing just one thing: producing more professional car mats. Navifalcon pays more attention to detail and is constantly improving in terms of comfort and performance.

  • Three-dimensional pedal design with high elasticity foam, soft and comfortable

  • All-round protection design, shock absorption and sound insulation

  • Safe and odourless, with three layers of protection and a certain flame retardant effect

  • Even and neat alignment, beautiful and sturdy



Art Enlighten Soul


For 2019 Navifalcon has hired a talented designer to make car floor mats even more bold and innovative in colour, and more diverse and artistic in style.

We hope that best service to be more than just quality and prestige, Naviflcon wants to give you a private, self-creative feast of art.

Let imagination run wild, let mind wander, your style is yours to decide!


Email: service@navifalcon.com

Facebook: Navifalcon


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