A very unfortunate friend of mine, yesterday his naughty son spilled a can of coke in the car, causing a short circuit in the vehicle module and was towed to the repair store. Even more unfortunate, he forgot that his friend was producing a really great CAR FLOOR MATS, what can I say?

I often come across sloppy people who only realize that they have neglected the role of car floor mats when their cars need repairs. So I'd say the foot mats save your car to a certain extent by reducing the cost of many repairs, which has far outweighed the price of the mats themselves.

The floor in the cabin is one of the most common areas of corrosion on top of the car's chassis. Even ordinary water can rust steel plates, and the acids contained in carbonated beverages are more likely to damage car parts and possibly the car's internal electrical system. Of course, bad situations like my friend's are less common.

Regarding the daily function of some car floor mats, I think it is necessary to briefly explain.

It prevents some bad situations from affecting your driving and mood

For example, poured drinks, trampled fruits, dirt from potted plants, dust and sand, and the often overlooked moisture brought by the soles of shoes (rain, muddy ground, or even just very little moisture on the road), these liquids provide an environment where microorganisms live but damage our bodies, especially cute and low resistance children.

A good car mat will reduce the workload of cleaning the interior, which will go a long way in creating a safe and hygienic and odor-free environment, and enhancing the car's interior will also bring good mood. Consider getting a set of tailored car mats for your vehicle today.


Give it a new look with a custom luxury floor mats

Many foot mats on the market are very ordinary in overall appearance, despite their comprehensive functions. This means that such mats can only satisfy the simple function of protection. Buying navifalcon custom car mats can achieve a big change in your interior, which of course requires your approval of our style. High-end materials and sophisticated technology, as well as talented designers make our products widely acclaimed. You might as well give it a try, luxury is our style and quality is our guarantee.

Importantly, the custom floor mats are safe and its dimensions are perfectly matched to the original car by 3D scanning and laser fit technology, which means it won't move while driving and won't get in the way of the foot brakes, a very reliable factor!

A final reminder that if there is a lot of liquid poured on the car mat, it is still necessary to clean up as soon as possible to prevent too much liquid floor mat can not fully withstand.
Also cite the NFPA's advice: " Perform regular maintenance on your vehicle or take it to a professional mechanic. If you notice any leakage or your car seems to be running improperly, have it checked out." Car floor mats are basic protection, but very necessary!


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