What are good car floor mats?

  • Must be adapted to the car model to ensure safety

The shape and size of the floor mats should be suitable, the size is too big or too small will cause mats to shift during the braking process, which will easily cause accidents. Choose a special-car type or have a positioning snap type of car mats will be more secure.

  •  Safe, harmless and environmentally friendly materials

There are many cheap but terrible smelling mats on the market, most of these are made of cheap materials and use poor quality glue, when encountering high temperatures will release harmful odors to the human body. In the closed environment of the car, it is quite harmful to the body if you use these foot mats. So it is very important to choose safe and harmless materials.

  •  Easy to clean and care, durable, comfortable

The most important purpose of car floor mats is to keep the interior of the car clean, protect a vehicle's floor from dirt, wear, and salt corrosion. Further, durability and comfort can enhance the overall experience, choose good quality car mats, service life, cleaning maintenance, environmental performance, etc. can be twice as good.

  •  Match and enhance the car interior

Good design and craftsmanship, matching colors and styles will make your car look coordinated and high-end.


Why Navifalcon is trustworthy?

---- Details make the quality


3D scanning to precisely match each vehicle

With years of production experience, Navifalcon has data on most models on the market and uses precise 3D scanning technology to ensure 100% customization for your vehicle.

Excellent material and tight stitching

Nappa is a material that combines years of user experience and market excellence. NAPPA leather is the first layer of cowhide, it is delicately soft and has a great texture, and its lustrous nature makes it very premium overall. Made through a specific process to make it strong and beautiful, comfortable to use and durable.

Superior softness and comfort

Five layers of high-class material to reduce noise and vibration, while adding a fire-resistant material. The interior contains high resilience foam, which provides a soft and comfortable foot feel.

Luxurious experience, refreshed interior design

Navifalcon Car Mats has been in the business of attention to detail and taste, the use of high-end materials, sophisticated technology, high luxury style, to bring you a unique luxurious car interior experience.

Quality Assurance and Easy to install

When properly maintained, our Navifalcon high quality floor mats last 5 times longer than plain car mats on the market. Very easy to install, only takes about 5 minutes!

30 Money Back Policy

To ensure a good shopping experience, Navifalcon provide a 30-day refund service after received. We work hard for your smile, thank you for your cooperation!


Usege Tips

  1. Clean the interior of the car before installation to ensure a better experience.


  1. After receiving the product first check if it is missing, damaged, etc., and promptly take pictures to leave evidence. If the damage is caused by the business,please contact customer service@navifalcon to deal with, we will take responsibility for this.


  1. Very easy to install (about 5-10 minutes) , we provide installation guide video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvK-VY5DdF8


  1. Taking care of the mats will get you the best performance and extend its life, and increase the resale value of your car!

         For example:

         Avoid contact with high temperature.

        Keep the mat dry and tidy (Wet environment can breed bacteria).



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